MB-60E EI – Fire rated partitions with doors

MB-60E EI enables the fabrication of fire-resisting internal or exterior single or double leaf doors. It also enables the fabrication of “technical windows” and fireresisting partitions. MB-60E EI-based constructions are classified EI15 or EI30 to PN-EN 13501-2+A1:2010. The system is classified as non-fire spreading (NRO).

This solutions is based on aluminium profiles with thermal break (system MB-60E) with the structural depth of profiles of 60 mm. The fire resistance of the construction is ensured by its fire insulation components that are mounted in internal chambers of its profiles. In addition, constructions are equipped with intumescent tapes, which stop the fire from spreading.




The system enables the application of all common fire-resisting glass classified EI15 and EI30 (thickness from 5 to 41 mm). Unlike other fire-resisting systems, MB-60 E EI glass is fastened on the inner face using glazing strips. Special steel elements are an important element in securing the glass before falling out during the fire.

MB-60E EI enables the fabrication of doors of the following max. leaf dimensions: W up to 1.4 m, H up to 2.475 m. Double leaf door can be 2.58 m wide. Design capabilities and compatibility with other MB systems makes this solution a very attractive proposition in that class of products, whilst providing an excellent fire protection.