TM 74HI Industrial System

Systems TM 62 / TM 62HI, 74HI, 77HI Industrial are modern solutions that imitate the shape of steel windows.

They are a perfect substitute of old steel windows in modernised industrial facilities, lofts and tenement houses. They allow for maintaining the industrial character of the building and meet the requirements of modern architecture at the same time.
The base of the system are aluminium structural sections with thermal separators and infills of high thermal insulation properties.




Advantages of the system

  • fully matching following Yawal systems TM 62 / TM 62HI, TM 74HI, TM 77HI,
  • excellent values of heat transfer coefficient,
  • effective draining system,
  • good aesthetics due to narrow window frame visible from the outside,
  • possibility of creating modern window structures in various arrangements,
  • possibility of combination with other Yawal systems.